Thursday, 16 March 2017

Leon Krier: Towards future cities

Av Audun Engh.

Klargjørende tegning fra Leon Krier. Sammenlign de tre typene byutvikling. Den øverste viser en harmonisk by, Den mellomste synliggjør overdreven fortetting, velkjent i Norge. Vi må bevege oss i retning den nederste modellen: Vekst ved etablering av nye byer i menneskelig skala. KRIER SKRIVER:
Traditional cities are about a scale that is uniquely humane because is related to our body and mind. Traditional architectural forms are shaped by humankind’s enduring use of natural building materials to adequately settle in specific climates, geographic and cultural conditions. They make part of the timeless technological heritage of humankind. They are as permanently relevant to the welfare of humans as common languages, tools, vehicles, science and techniques. To declare them as mere historical heritage and, therefore, past and dated phenomena, is not only a philosophic mistake but an ideologically motivated error calling for definitive and authoritative correction.

"Towards future cities"
Léon Krier contribution to 2016 UNESCO Global Report on Culture for Sustainable Urban Development.

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