Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Gyllene salen (The Golden Hall)

Gyllene Salen og Mälardrottningen i Stadshuset i Stockholm.

(The Golden Hall (Swedish: Gyllene Salen) is a banqueting hall in Stockholm City Hall. Measuring 44-metre (144 ft) in height, it received its name when its walls were decorated by mosaics created by the artist Einar Forseth on a proposal by the City Hall architect Ragnar Östberg. The hall is best known as the location of the ball after the annual Nobel Banquet in the City Hall's Blue Hall.



Queen of Lake Malaren in the Gold Hall.


Beautiful deep reveals!


St.Erik, Stockholms skytshelgen, dessverre uten hode.

St. Erik's head cannot be seen from the hall due to an error in construction which left it above the roof of the hall.


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