Tuesday, 9 May 2017

The Coming Murder of Vänersborg

My beloved Swedish lakeside town of Vänersborg is going to be totally destroyed. I have no words. This is the place from where my family has so many dear summer memories from holidays at Ursand Camping. We loved the beautiful seaside of the town, all the nice biking lanes. The oak woods. If we should live in Sweden, this was the town of our hearts, until now.

The modernist project is going to cross/crash the historical and cultural heart of the town in two axis. I've newer in my whole life seen something so horrible. It's like killing my beloved with two spears!

From the text:
The design competition for the revitalization of the historic heart of the Swedish lakeside town of Vänersborg has been won by a team consisting of Benthem Crouwel Architects, Amsterdam, landscape architects Mandaworks and artist David Svensson, both of Malmö, Sweden. The historic so-called Kulturaxeln (cultural axis) originates from an ingenious urban layout dating from the early 19th century. Kulturaxeln’s redevelopment will re-strengthen the cultural and economic status of the town, a prerequisite for a successful sustainable urban expansion, that is already underway.
What a big lie! I was actually thinking about to take my family to Vänersbor, to start a new life there, based on our good experiences. Now the town lost all my love, inspiration and my lovely girls.What a horrible destiny for one of Sweden's most charming small towns!

The modernists have targeted the heart of the Swedish lakeside town Vänersborg in their gun sight. The town will be murdered. No doubt!

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